Introducing the KH 27.5

Kris Holm

April 20, 2016

We're excited to introduce a new wheel size to the KH lineup – the KH27.5. With a fast-rolling geometry that is still nimble through technical sections, the KH27.5 hits a major sweet spot for all-around riding.


Over the past year, the KH27.5 has become our favourite for everything from easy gravel paths and paved roads to slickrock, big drops and steep descents across Squamish, North Vancouver, and in Fraser Valley, BC. The lightweight, 27.5x3" Kenda Havok tire provides incredible grip on slickrock and compact dirt in wet and dry conditions. It's not a loose dirt or mud-specific tire, but the open tread pattern cleans well and corners smoothly with no feeling of grabbiness or self-steering.



Like the other KH models the unicycle features abundant use of one-piece forged construction in the seatpost, fork crown, and hub, for maximum strength and reliability, and a wide 47 mm rim for stability. The external, Shimano disc brake provides almost 30% wider flange spacing than hub-mount disc brakes on a standard hub, maximizing wheel stiffness and strength. The KH27.5 is supplied with the Spirit hub and is fully compatible with the KH/Schlumpf geared hub.



Riders' tip

For riders considering the KH27.5 versus other KH models, we suggest choosing the model that best fits your height and riding style. For muni, a smaller rider might prefer the KH24 or KH26 geometry, whereas a taller rider might prefer the KH27.5 or KH29 geometry. If you are nearly maxing out the seatpost height, it is probably a good indication you should be riding a larger wheel size. Riders moving fast along smoother cross-country trails and roads will generally want a larger wheel and shorter cranks.



Locals' tip

Here are some of our very favourite technical rides so far on the KH27.5 in Southwest British Columbia: Roach Hit, 5th Horseman, and Lower Tall Cans on Cypress Mountain; 7th Secret and Ladies Only on Mt. Fromme; and Treasure Trail, Intestinal Fortitude, Icy Hole of Death, Larvicide and Somewhere Out There in Squamish.


Find out all about the techy details and buy the KH 27.5 here.


Check out this fast and flowy video of KH Factory Team rider Ryan Kremsater riding his KH27.5 on Cypress Mountain, BC.



Photos:  Glenn Jasechko
Rider: Ryan Kremsater

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