Announcing the new KH Gear for June 2012

Kris Holm

June 14, 2012

I’m happy to announce the improvements on KH gear for June 2012!  Check the products page for details, and here are some highlights:

All KH unicycles (except the KH20) are compatible with disk brakes. 
See the new Spirit cranks, below.

New: Spirit Cranks 
Disk Brake Version (road and muni). These cranks allow installation of a standard disk brake rotor on the right hand crank. Placing the disk rotor on the crank allows disk brake compatibility with a full strength wheel and an efficient pedalling stance. I’m really happy with these €“ they’re beautiful and have worked really well in testing over the past year.
Lightweight. Over 25% lighter than Moment cranks (up to 34% lighter depending on the crank length and model year). Some weights: 110/137 (396 g), 127/150 (424 g)
Strong. We used stress modelling to maximize strength to weight ratio. The cranks are 7050 Aluminum €“ almost twice the yield strength of 6000 series Al. and tougher than 7075 Al.
Low profile. disk-mount (spider) is hardly noticeable if you choose not to use disk brakes 
Compatible with standard disk rotors and most hydraulic disk brakes
No pedal inserts = no problems with loose inserts, with hard 7050 aluminum to resist pedal stripping
Outside face of the crank is optimized for shifting on the KH/Schlumpf hub.
Lengths: 110/127, 110/137 (new), 127/150, 137/165 (all double hole)

Non-Disk Version (trials, street, and flatland)
Lightweight yet strong €“ they feel like Moment cranks but noticeably lighter. Weight (137 mm): 406 g
Comfortable outer shape for avoiding bashed ankle bones
Rollo disk compatible 
Lengths: 110 mm, 127 mm, 137 mm

Updates to Frames:
KH24, KH26, KH29, KH36 frames have International Standard (IS) disk caliper mounts (right side)
All frames have 2 mm narrower bearing housings, for disk brake compatibility. The reduction in width also slightly increases foot space for crank rolls.

New: Starfighter brake lever extension. 
Strong, comfortable, and fits most brake levers
Shaped to be easy to grab without getting in the way
The Spooner is still the recommended choice for Magura HS-33 and HS-11 brakes

Improved: Brake attachment bracket.  Bracket is now angled at 6 degrees to move the brake lever slightly closer to the handle.

Updated: Rollo disks
Re-shaped to fit the Spirit Cranks. Old Rollo Disks do fit, but not as well.

Improved: Saddle covers The drawstring has been replaced with a simple velcro tab underneath the seatpost plate, sandwiched under the seatpost when installed. This eliminates the hanging drawstring and bulk of the knot under the rear bumper, and makes installation easier. The pattern has also been adjusted around the front 4 bolts to help keep fabric away from the bolt holes. For June 2012 I’ve returned to having the covers with smooth synthetic leather for main top panel.

A few people I’d like to thank:
Carl Hoyer for his work at
Terry MacLachlan and Rob Moore (former Raceface cranks engineer) for detailed design on the cranks
Jeff Putnam of MountainUni. I’ve been thinking about crank-mount disk brakes for 10 years, but I’d like to acknowledge that Jeff was the first to commercially release this type of system. It’s hard to be first, and I want to acknowledge his efforts.

Kris Holm

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