How do you adventure with your kids, Lutz Eichholz?

Stephanie Dietze

June 12, 2019

Being known for his big adventures, like unicycling down Mt. Damavand in Iran, while starring in TV shows all over the planet, many people outside of the unicycling community have heard of Lutz. Being a young dad, Lutz's current challenge is to connect adventure and family.

How are your kids doing and when will they start to unicycle?

Both great and so fare with two kids its not much more work than with one which means I still have much more time to do sport then expected. The older one is two now and has lots of fun on her running wheel and I think next year she will get a unicycle.


Photo by Giulia Tessari


How many unicycles do you currently own?

I don't know. I always have two KH24 unicycles for my performances which are in good shape and at least one KH27.5 for muni. Besides this, I have probably 5 more but they are nearly never build up completely.


Why did you start to do TV shows?

I never planned to do TV performances. I just got more and more bookings after some of my videos were seen by a wide audience. In the beginning, I still went to school so I could use the extra money to travel and make more videos.



Do you have a big project coming up?

When journalists ask me these questions I always answer to unicycle Mount Kilimanjaro – but mostly because I don't talk much about projects before they are more or less completly planned. Another big mountain over 5000 meters would be great for sure. But I don't want to be away from my family for more than a few days, so probably I'll wait until the youngest is a little bit older, then we can go at least to base camp as a family.


You have had a great unicycling career with a lot of accomplishments. Do you have dreams/ambitions/goals that you’ve always wanted to complete, but haven’t had the chance to yet?

My goals always were it to cross a highline by unicycle, ride down a big mountain and take part in a big outdoor film fest. I achieved these goals more or less already, but there is always a bigger or more beautiful mountain waiting.


Thanks Lutz, we hope Kilimanjaro will become reality one day.

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Title photo: David Weichenberger
Article photo: Giulia Tessari

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