Improved KH Pulse Gloves for Spring 2011

Kris Holm

April 30, 2011

Upgraded KH Pulse gloves will be available in 1 - 6 weeks, depending on the country.Here are the improvements:

1) More comfortable wrist wrap. The semi-flexible splint has been reshaped to be more comfortable and less restrictive, while still keeping good support.
2) New colour - blue.
3) Updated fit. Sizes are larger by about one size (e.g. old large = new medium). Finger length is slightly longer. 
4) Thread tensioning was checked to make sure it’s correct. This, plus the resizing, should eliminate some tearing at seams that occasionally occurred with the previous model.
5) The wrist opening has been ovalized, which makes them easier to get on and off.

Photos and features are here (scroll to the bottom).

Pulse gloves offer essential wrist support, abrasion protection and gel palm padding for all riding styles.   Purpose built for unicycling, Pulse gloves are comfortable and breathable, and do not restrict wrist mobility or the ability to grab the saddle handle.

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