KH Factory Team 2017 Announcement

Kris Holm

January 15, 2017

Hey everyone - we're happy to announce the 2017 KH Factory Team.

Returning riders include Gerald Rosenkranz (Austria), Lutz Eicholz (Germany), Stephanie Dietze (Germany), Scott Wilton (USA), and Ryan Kremsater (Canada). Welcome back!   Gerald, Lutz, Scott and Ryan will all be riding a KH27.5

We're also stoked to announce that Loïc Miara and Kosma Roy of Montreal, Canada will be joining the KH team.  Loïc and Kosma represent the latest generation of top urban riders and will be riding on the KH20. Check out their latest video.



Max Schulze retired from the KH team at the end of 2016 - Max thanks again for all you contributed over your 8 years representing KHU and our sport.

Also, a special thanks to the KH Team Co-Sponsors:, Qu-Ax, Ajata and Five Ten.  Your support is hugely appreciated and it would not be possible without you.

We'll post updates on team videos and adventures throughout the year.


Header photo: Markus Greber

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