Max Schulze is retiring from the KH Team after 8 amazing years

Kris Holm

December 26, 2016

Max Schulze is retiring from the KH Team after 8 amazing years.

Portrait Max Schulze


On January 22, 2006 I received an email from a guy named Max Schulze, with a grainy photo and a message that started, “Hey Mr. Holm, this is me, Maxwell Schulze, going off about a three foot drop on a unicycle…”. It was an innocent beginning to a friendship and Max’s riding career, which has redefined whole aspects of what is possible on a unicycle.


Max joined the KH team in 2009 and – in 2010 – won his first World Trials championships at UNICON XV in New Zealand. 



This was the first of an unprecedented 3 consecutive world trials championships, top results in street and flatland comps, and a string of seriously technical and a few hilariously non-serious riding videos.



John LeSage’s Mad Max film (2013) was also one of the first to use drones to capture unicycle riding from a whole new perspective.



More recently, Max shifted his filming focus to muni and released some very fast technical muni videos filmed in Moab, Los Alamos New Mexico and near his home in Golden Colorado.



These days Max mixes unicycle riding, highline slacklining, biketrials, climbing, skiing – and pursuit of a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He might be giving up his spot on the KH team for the next generation of riders, but we’ll see Max on singletrack and skinny balance lines for a long time to come.



Here’s a last film from Max while on the KH Factory Team.



Max - thanks for 8 great years and for all your contributions to our sport!

Stay tuned for the 2017 KH Team Roster, to be announced in early 2017.


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