Meet a Team Rider: Alex Anderson

Stephanie Dietze

February 08, 2018

With the start of this season, we are happy to welcome two new riders to the Kris Holm Factory Team. We'd like you to get to know them a bit better and thus continue our "Meet a team rider" series. First off is Alex, a talented young urban rider from the Californian coast. He's got big plans for this year and hopes to create many videos for you to enjoy. Put your hands together for – Alex Anderson!


Hey Alex, welcome to the KH Factory Team! To those of you who haven't heard of you before–who are you?

My name is Alex, I am 21 years old and live on the northwest coast of California. I work as a lifeguard and am currently working towards getting my bachelors degree in geology. I have been riding for well over 7 years and I consider myself to be an all rounded rider. I enjoy riding street, flat and trials, especially when it comes to being creative with tricks and lines. I like to come up with new tricks, variations of tricks, baeflips, creative trials lines, and I am interested in riding style as well.


Alex doing a flip down a cliff with his unicycle


How do you feel about having made the KH Factory Team?

Joining the KH Team -  I was super stocked to find out I made the team, it's something I had only dreamed about, and now it's happened! I've admired Kris' and Max Schulze's trials riding for years, and I hope to rekindle the trials side of the KH brand. I am also excited to get to know the 2018 team members well, and learn some things from everyone!


Alex has big plans for the upcoming season


What are your goals for this year?

My goals for this year are quite big. I hope to improve my trials riding greatly, and my riding in general when it comes to tricks and style. I will continue to make videos as usual, and I will start taking photos as well, something I have never really thought to do much before. I also plan on attending Unicon 19 in Seoul, where I will be competing in all the urban disciplines. As a side goal, I also may want to try mountain unicycling. I have never really done it before, but I live in an area where it is possible, and it would be fun and appropriate since this is the Kris Holm team. Overall, I just want improve in all aspect of the sport, for this year and many years to come!


Alex unispinning at the coast of California


Fun fact about you?

I landed my first 900 unispin before my first 360 sidespin.
I am constantly coming up with new baeflip tricks in my head.
Every time I break a spoke, I hide it where I'm at and try to find it years later. 



Thank you Alex, we're more than happy to have you on the team. Looking forward to an amazing season!

Check out Alex' profile on the KH Factory Team page and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay up to date with his videos. Thank you to USA for providing Alex with co-sponsorship support.

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