Meet a Team Rider: Lutz Eichholz

Stephanie Dietze

November 05, 2015

While most of us know Lutz for his big mountain projects like Mt. Damavand in Iran last year, he’s a jolly, down to earth guy when you meet him in person. Read our exclusive third interview with the KH Factory Team rider that has chosen unicycling as a professional career and is off to Chile and Argentina for another big project as you read this.


Lutz Eichholz


Hi Lutz! What have you been up to this season?

This year is packed with two really cool unicycle adventure trips. The first is sadly already over. In July I went to Iceland where I tried my new wheelsize, the 26 inch, on smooth lava trails and enjoyed the crazy landscape between fire and ice. We just released a video about our trip.

Now that summer is over in Europe and the Alps are covered in snow, I will head to a warmer country. In November I will travel to Chile and Patagonia to get to know the best riding spots and also enjoy a different culture. I want to tackle some high mountains at the Atacama Desert and hopefully also find some freeride lines. Afterwards I will travel to Patagonia and see if this rough country has some riding oppurtunities or if it will be better to just go hiking there.


Lutz Eichholz


And how was last year for you?

Lutz Eichholz in IcelandDescending Mt. Damavand in Iran had definitely been my hardest project yet. The process to plan this trip was nearly as hard as the descend. Getting a crew, visas and doing the research, whether it could be possible for me at all, was a big part of the adventure. I am also happy that "professional" unicycling worked out great for me last year. Its still hard to believe that I am able to have so much fun, while traveling to unbelievable countries for performances and projects. Other notable trips despite Iran were many trips to the Alps and riding on the islands Tenerife and Sicily.


Fun fact about you?

Someone recently put one of my autographs on Ebay. You can still buy it for 5.16 Euros :)


What do you like about being in the KH Team?

Riding for Kris is a big inspiration for me. There is still so much I can learn from him. Despite this, for sure its a big plus that KH Unicycles are the best ones I have ever ridden.





Thanks Lutz, enjoy your trip to South America and stay safe!

Check out Lutz's Team Rider profile, his Facebook, websiteYoutube channel, and Instagram. This guy is everywhere.

Header photo by Johannes Schnebele, Lutz riding on Mt. Damavand in Iran by Sebastian Doerk, Lutz riding the Etna vulcano in Italy by Giulia Tessari, Lutz riding Kerlingarfjöll in Iceland by Stephanie Dietze.

Lutz is co-sponsored by Qu-Ax and Ajata and a member of the Adidas team.

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