New KH/Schlumpf geared hub now available

Kris Holm

March 30, 2016

We're happy to announce the release of the new KH/Schlumpf geared hub!


Key upgrades include:


1) Disc brake compatibility

Fully compatible with the External Disc Brake standard, the axle length is now identical to the Spirit, Moment and Nimbus hubs. Unlike the previous version, the bearings also have a spacer on the outside. This allows a rider to switch out geared or ungeared wheelsets without having to adjust the disc brake.


2) Improved bearing durability.


3) Thicker, more durable flanges.


4) Greater security against slippage of the knurled bearing.

There is now a physical block (small protruding nub) on the bearing that prevents possible slippage of the knurled bearing side in the bearing housing. This requires that the bottom half of the inside edge of the bearing housing does not have a lip.  All KH frames produced since 2012 are compatible.  Minor modification may be required for other frame bearing housings.


5) Increased flange-frame clearance.   This improves compatibility with more frame types.


6) Larger axle bolt hex key diameter (8 mm), to prevent possible stripping.


In sum -  the hub that revolutionized long distance and high speed unicycling just got better. The hub is available now from KH or Schlumpf dealers, or directly from Schlumpf Innovations in Switzerland.



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