Alex Murr

Nationality American
Age 22
Hometown Mountville, PA
Specialty Flatland
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Since 2011 Alex has emerged as an innovative flatland rider with a smooth, flowing style influenced by street riding and aspects of freestyle. Constantly seeking new ways to ride a unicycle, Alex has developed difficult new tricks and shares his passion for the sport through demos, videos and competition.

Personal Story

I got my first unicycle in October of 2010 when I saw a friend of mine learn to ride in about four or five days. Soon after I learned, four more of my friends followed. We rode casually after high school for the next few months until the winter when it was constantly cold and snowy.

October of the following year I took my unicycle to college with me, planning only to ride it once or twice to impress my new friends. My roommate was really drawn to it and soon got his own. While he tried to learn to ride, I discovered youtube videos of Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, Eli Brill, and Adrien Delecroix. While I admired all disciplines of unicycling, I was most drawn to flatland. Something about the precision, control, fluidity and creativity involved really stuck with me.

On why Alex likes to ride: I ride because I am chasing that high from landing my first trick ever. I ride for my own self-improvement and expression as well as to inspire beginners, experts and non-unicyclists to learn and improve. Most importantly, I ride because it’s fun and I can easily lose myself for hours on hours and not have a clue how much time just past.

Words of wisdom: Falling is just a part of getting better and failure is the first step toward success. So many days I go to ride and have an off day, get injured, am tired from other activities or feel as if I am making no progress, but I push past it. Doing so makes your goals so much more rewarding, because the destination is not worth anything without the journey to it.

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2014 North American Unicycle Convention & Championships Expert Flatland 4th
2013 North American Unicycle Convention & Championships Advanced Flatland 2nd

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