Jenni Rinker

Nationality American
Age 30
Hometown Anchorage, Alaska
Specialty Mountain
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Jenni’s adventurous spirit and love for storytelling embody the spirit of Kris Holm Unicycles.

Personal Story

Unicycling was an absurdly popular form of transportation at my university. But I didn’t learn to ride there. In fact, I left university decidedly against learning to ride a unicycle. It seemed like a lot of effort for something that was less efficient than a bicycle.

And yet here I am, over seven years later, taking my unicycle to places like Iceland and Morocco.

So what changed? Why did I have a complete about-face with riding? The answer is simple: I met people who made it look fun.

Since first struggling to ride a 20” Torker in 2012, my discipline of choice has changed to mountain unicycling and more recently backpacking with a unicycle (called “unipacking”). I grew up fishing and hiking and camping in Alaska, so backpacking has been one of my hobbies since childhood. But it was only recently that my unicycle skills had progressed enough that I was able to combine backpacking with unicycling. I went to Iceland in 2017 for a six-day solo tour of gravel roads and hiking trails, and now I’m completely hooked. All I can think of now is crazier and crazier places to take my uni.

I like to share my stories so others can either live vicariously or be inspired to go on their own adventures, so I hope you’ll find my shenanigans interesting! You can always keep tabs on me through my social media links. Until next time, friends!

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