Lutz Eichholz

Nationality German
Age 28
Hometown Kaiserslautern
Specialty Trials, Mountain
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Lutz has a long history of unicycling dating back to 1996. Originally a Freestyle and Racing unicyclist, Lutz began focusing on Trials and Downhill Mountain Unicycling in 2003. Since then, he has traveled the World in search of new unicycle challenges. His journeys have led him to adventurous mountain unicycle rides across the Alps & Zugspitze and several World Records. Lutz has created his own exciting Extreme Unicycling Show that has appeared on numerous TV shows worldwide, helping to open peoples minds to what is possible on one wheel.

In March 2011 Lutz was awarded the Guinness World Record for Longest Distance by Unicycle on a Line of Beer Bottles. This difficult balance line has now been replicated in trials competitions to test other riders balance abilities. Lutz also brought slacklining to the forefront of the unicycle community with his World Record Slackline unicycle ride.

When not unicycling Lutz is working towards obtaining his degree in Regional and Environmental Planning at the TU Kaiserslautern.

Personal Story

I started unicycling 1996 because my sister started to unicycle in a local club in bottrop. The first years i just unicycled around, not knowing about extreme unicycling. A few years later i saw Kris Holm and Dan Heaton at the unicycling world championships in china where i mainly competed in races.
When i saw how they could jump with unicycles i immediately wanted to learn the same but due the limited availability off extreme unicycling in germany at the time it took me some more years until i could start. As soon as I got my first extreme unicycles I started to go out in the ruhr area in Germany and tried to jump on and off everything I found. Over the years my unicycling has evolved a lot and i enjoy it the most to travel to new country’s and try to conquer new obstacles or perform with my extreme unicycling demo.

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2012 Unicon XVI (Italy) Muni Obstacle 3rd
2010 Unicon XV (New Zealand) High Jump 2nd
2008 Unicon XIV (Denmark) Trails 4th
2004 Unicon XII (Japan) Muni Uphill 3rd

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