Nate Dam

Nationality Canadian
Age 23
Hometown Chatham, Ontario
Specialty Trials, Street, Mountain
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Nate is a Canadian Trials and Mountain Unicyclist currently based in Utah.

Personal Story

I started unicycling in my parent’s garage back in 2013. After landing my first crankflip, I was hooked. That feeling of practicing something extra difficult until it becomes natural is what really drew me to the sport. With unicycling there is the aspect of it being one wheel that makes the sport both unique and challenging. I am passionate about that feeling of being locked in- whether it be on the mountain, riding trials in an urban landscape, or perfecting a flip trick on the ground. Unicycling is a symbol that I carry with me through life. No matter hard the challenge, with practice, consistency, and a *balanced approach you can overcome anything. My goal for 2024 is to ride strong and consistent, and film along the way!

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