Kris Holm Unicycles will make you the world's greatest trials rider. Through the introduction of a whole new class of unicycles, the Heavy Weight Training Unicycle (HWTU), utilizes a maximum mass design for repeated repetitious trials training.


Solid Steel Edition (16.4kg+ | 35.7lbs+)

CNC machined from a solid block of carbon steel and exactly triple the weight of the KH20, the KH20SE re-defines the needs of the trials unicyclist. Featuring a new class of components that have been carefully designed around the frame to utilize materials that maximize weight while maintaining more strength than could possibly be imagined.

Not only can you ride it, you can use it for a full body work out through bench press, arm & leg curls and even pull ups via the optional wall mount kit.

Identical in look to the KH20 to keep those egos in check while your sidehop temporarily sucks. But not for long ...


Assembled Weight 16.4kg+ (35.7lbs+)
Frame 19 inch Solid Carbon Steel KH Tungsten Blue. Precision machined from a single block of steel featuring signature rounded square crown.
Hub KH Moment CrMo Alloy 36 hole, lead-filled hollow hub body
Cranks KH Spirit Solid Steel Edition 137mm ISIS. Single hole (2 kg)
Pedals Wellgo clear polycarbonate platform featuring: blue anodized spindle & removable steel pins (keep the pins in for added weight)
Saddle KH Fusion Slim with optional lead plate inserts
Seatpost KH Forged Fixed. 27.2 x 350mm. Sand blast black. Includes a set of insertable lead lugs for fine tuning desired weight.
Seatpost Clamp KH Double Bolt
Rim KH 19 inch. 47 mm wide. 36 hole with eyelets & offset spokes. Optional: rim weight kit that includes 36 lead plugs that screw into drilled out circular holes.
Tire Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20 x 2.5 inch (1085 g)
Spokes 14g Stainless Steel. Brass Nipples Spoke length: 171mm (Moment Hub)

To become the next World Trials Champion you need the following essentials ...

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