Scott Wilton

Nationality American
Age 24
Hometown Madison, Wisconsin
Specialty Mountain, Distance
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Scott is one of the top road riders at every distance from cyclocross to 100 km road races and is the current 10 km and 42 km marathon world record-holder. His riding doesn't stop where the pavement ends either, pursuing all-mountain riding adventures everywhere from the European Alps to flowing singletrack near his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

Personal Story

Just before my twelfth birthday, my sister and I received a unicycle from our mother as a Christmas present. When our mom was younger, she had a friend who would unicycle every day to class on an old 36” solid rubber tire unicycle. Her friend always left her with a good impression of the sport and she thought it would be a great thing to get her two high-energy kids. At first, I didn’t have much success learning to ride. Later that year, a friend of mine from school also got a unicycle and we started learning together. I can’t really remember too much about why I learned to ride but I distinctly remember the frustration of failure combined with the feeling of success when something finally worked.

I like the feeling of success when I learn something new is still a large part of why I unicycle. With unicycling there’s always something new to learn and accomplish, be it a technical muni trial, a difficult freestyle trick, or a new personal best in a road race.

I especially like long distance and road riding. Some days I will go out for a really hard, fast training ride. When I’m in this mode, I forget everything that I’m worrying about and just push myself to see what I can do. I can really get into a rhythm riding sometimes and it’s very meditative. Other times, I ride more leisurely and really enjoy taking in everything the landscape around me has to offer.

However, without a doubt I would list the unicycling community as the top reason why I like to ride. I don’t know any other community that is this supportive, fun, intelligent, and adventurous. And above all, welcoming. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel through unicycling, and wherever I go, people from the community are there to welcome me and enrich my time there.

Giving back to this amazing community is also an important goal for me, which I can do by teaching kids (ages 3 to 80) new skills and by working with the International Unicycling Federation.

Off the unicycle, I enjoy many outdoor sports such as rock climbing, road cycling, running, slacklining and backpacking. Indoors, reading, building unicycles and bikes, computers, and general geekiness are all passions of mine. I also enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures.

Words of wisdom: When I was on my solo unicycle tour in Norway this past year I realized that despite the amazingness of the unicyclist community, sometimes riding alone is really what you need. For the rest of the time, make sure you always have a good riding playlist ready to jam to. Oh, and sometimes you just gotta kick it into high gear, Schlumpf style.

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Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2014 UNICON 17 (Canada) 10k Road Race 1st (WR)
42k Marathon Road Race 1st (WR)
Cyclocross 2nd
2012 UNICON 16 (Italy) 10k Road Race 1st
42k Marathon Road Race 1st
100k Road Race 2nd
Cross Country 2nd
2010 UNICON 15 (New Zealand) 10k Road Race 1st

Photos & Video