About Unicycling

There's something compelling about riding on a single wheel. It could be the simplicity of equipment, or the challenge, or that you can ride for years and always find something new.

A unicycle is a human-powered, single-track vehicle with one wheel. Unicycles resemble bicycles, but are less complex.

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Unicycling provides the cycling equivalent of minimalist running: a close connection to the environment you're riding. It turns the world into a playground waiting to be ridden, and these days there's a riding style to fit every age and ability. Keep reading to explore unicycle riding and find your next adventure ...

The Diverse Sport of Unicycling

Unicycling is just as diverse as biking, covering everything from rides around town to remote backcountry trails. Here are the most common types of unicycle riding:

Kris Holm: Mountains and Unicycles

Listen to Kris speak about unicycling at FEAT Canada 2013.

Unicycling 101: Getting Started

For many people, learning to unicycle gives a huge sense of accomplishment because it feels impossible at first, but with persistence becomes completely doable. Young or old, anyone can learn and it’s easier than most people think. If you’re new to the sport, here are a few tips to get started:

Download Unicycling 101: Getting Started

Excerpt from The Essential Guide to Mountain & Trials Unicycling
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Unicycle Community & Resources

There is a tight-knit worldwide community of riders that travel countless distances to attend unicycle events around the world and ride with others. Here are a small selection of resources to help connect you with other unicyclists:

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