Introducing the KH Fusion Zero Saddle

Kris Holm

May 15, 2014

After a year and a half of development and more than 2000 km of testing, I’m happy to announce the new Fusion Zero saddle. This is the world’s first mass-produced, ultra low curvature saddle.

First I’d like to recognize Ken Looi for his early comments & enthusiasm for the project and Peter Barrell, maker of the original Flatfish saddle, for giving his blessing to this project from the very beginning. Thank you and Peter I hope you enjoy your new KH26 =).

Click here to find out more about the Fusion Zero!

This saddle is good for every riding style. Some key features:

  • Constructed from reinforced Nylon 12 + fiber composite. This material is not cheap but is exceptionally stiff, strong, and impact resistant
  • This is the first unicycle saddle with a Pivotal seatpost. This is the #1 aftermarket standard in BMX and is strong, simple, 24 degree angle adjustable, and eliminates exposed bolts. KHU will offer a very good one-piece forged, KH Pivotal seatpost in 25.4 and 27.2 mm diameter. But since this is a bike standard, you can obtain a compatible seatpost through just about any bikeshop if you can’t find a KH post.
  • Saddle frame and foam are shaped to support the “ischial tuberosities” (sit bones), reducing soft tissue pressure.
  • Low front nose provides a comfortable handle position
  • Slim profile and clean underside make it easy to grab for trials and tricks
  • Fully 15 mm narrower through the mid-section, compared to the other KH saddle models, to reduce chafing
  • T-bar touring handle compatible with no requirement for the reinforcement plate.
  • Weight is similar to existing Fusion saddles at about 810 g. The priority was on increasing strength & stiffness rather than reducing weight.

Besides myself, KH team riders Max Schulze and Ryan Kremsater have been testing saddle prototypes. Here are a few initial comments from them:

Saddle feels very different initially, but quickly you get used to it. Saddle angle is key to comfort. Most riders will want to have the saddle angled moderately down towards the back.

Flatland riders may find it messes up their tricks until they get used to the different shape, but will find it easy to grab and use once they get used to it.

I don’t think the ultra-low curvature saddle renders curved saddles obsolete, but it will be the saddle of choice for many riders going longer distances for sure.

Pivotal interface is a huge success. Because the installation bolt is accessible through the top of the saddle, it’s incredibly easy to install. The lack of exposed bolts on the underside is a major plus, and the post itself is very strong.

A small pre-shipment of Fusion Zero saddles will arrive in shops in about 1 week (slightly longer for some dealers), with more stock in about a month. You may need to move quickly to snag one from the initial shipment.

Saddles are the most personal unicycle component, and arguably the most expensive and difficult component to make well. So I hope you like it. I’m looking forward to your comments!

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