Introducing The Redesigned Fusion One Saddle

Kris Holm

August 05, 2016

With its gentle curve and slim mid-section, the Fusion Zero saddle’s release in 2014 finally brought bike saddle performance to unicycling.  But while we loved the saddle we felt it could get even better.

After thousands of kilometres and almost a year of testing, we are proud to introduce the next evolution in unicycle saddle design – the Fusion One

The Fusion One arrives in August. Check with your nearest KH dealer for availability and take it out to the trails on your next ride!


Fusion One Features

  • Redesigned foam shape for a slightly softer feel
  • Improved saddle cover for increased abrasion resistance
  • Now T-bar reinforcement plate compatible for increased stiffness
  • Additional improvements throughout

Redesigned Foam Shape

The Fusion One is slighter softer than its predecessor to let you focus on nothing but the trail ahead – even on long rides.

  • Deeper center cutaway for extra comfort
  • Additional 6 mm padding in the rear part, while keeping the foam in the front comfortably slim
  • Just enough extra front-back curvature to make you feel the difference
  • New double density foam: The softer top layer is more forgiving, while the back of the saddle has a higher density foam layer on the bottom.  The high density foam supports the sit bones and absorb shock.  

Improved Saddle Cover

Its low profile saddle cover design is durable and won’t cause chafing on long rides.

  • Now with Kevlar-reinforced fabric back panel for increased abrasion resistance
  • Exposed panel stitching on seams has been eliminated to minimize chafing.
  • The pivotal bolt hole in the saddle cover has been moved 5 mm further forward to better align with the bolt

Updated Saddle Base

Now you can install the reinforcement plate on your T-bar for additional stiffness and strength.

  • An additional threaded insert has been added to the saddle base to install the reinforcement plate, either with the T-bar handle or on its own. This adds stiffness and strength to the whole seat.
  • All reinforcement plates shipped after Spring 2016 come with a 3rd hole that is needed to install the reinforcement plate. Older plates can be retrofitted if the rider is able/willing to drill a hole in the plate.


Order your new Fusion One saddle through one of our dealers now and be one of the first to ride it.

Check out the Fusion One product page for details.

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