KHU Spring 2017 Release

Kris Holm

May 19, 2017

We’re excited to announce the KH product updates for Spring 2017! This year’s improvements include new rims, new tire specs, and hub and frame updates.



  • New 55 mm wide, 27.5” and 29”, disc-specific KH rims (no change to 19” and 24” rims)

  • Duro Crux 27.5x3.25” tire is now standard spec on the KH27.5 and KH29
  • 36” King George tire spec on KH36 (Europe only)
  • Spirit hub now in glossy black
  • KH26 discontinued


New Rim & Tire

The new 55 wide rim and 3.25” tire combine stability with agility and low weight. This double-wall rim is stronger than the previous model but the strength comes entirely from improved geometry – it is noticeably lighter. The inner rim profile is shaped to make it easy to change tires and a bead lock prevents the tire from coming off the rim. The rims are drilled for presta valve stems for compatibility with tubeless kits. The high volume, Duro Crux 3.25” (81 mm measured width) is well supported by the wide rim and feels stable and forgiving on rough trails. The aggressive tread pattern grips securely in mud but, combined with a rounded tire profile, still corners smoothly on pavement, slickrock and compact dirt.



There are some differences between Europe and International Spec. The KH36 will be equipped with the Qu-Ax King George tire for Europe distribution. The Nimbus 36er tire remains as the tire of choice outside Europe. Also, release dates are going to be different depending on country, depending on their existing stock. Korea is first, others sometime later this Spring/Summer, and the European market is going to occur in late 2017 or early 2018.



The KH26 is discontinued. While we love this uni and are sad to see it go, the frame height (and minimum leg length) is only 14 mm less than the KH27.5 and there are much fewer options for modern plus size tires. As such, it makes sense to focus on the KH27.5.


More Frame Clearance

The KH27.5 and KH29 frames have slightly (2 mm) more lateral frame clearance to avoid any chance of tire rub when cranking hard from side to side during climbs with a 3.25” wide tire.


Powdercoated Hub

The Spirit hub has been changed to glossy black powdercoat. While we loved the look of the chrome hub, we saw surface rust on some hubs in harsh environments. Switching to powdercoat will add durability.


Combined T-bar

We've also combined the T-bar Distance and Muni models into a single T-bar handle set, so you don't have to choose between handle types.



2017 Rim Specifications

SIZE  / mm Width (mm) Weight (g) Rim ERD (mm) Spoke Length (Spirit Hub) (mm)














(52 g lighter)






(84 g lighter)




Where to buy

Find out where you can buy the new KHU 2017 products here.

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