Spring 2015 Gear Release

Kris Holm

May 05, 2015

We're happy to announce the gear upgrades and additions for 2015!

This is a big upgrade year, with some products being in development for over 2 years. I've been testing the 2015 lineup over the winter on the Vancouver North shore, alongside KH team riders for key components. These are the best unicycles and components we've ever built. Enjoy!

Highlights include:

  • Completely redesigned frames and hubs
  • Two models of T-bar handle
  • Raw colour option on the assembled KH20 (select countries only)
  • New 3” tires on the KH26 and KH29
  • New black colour option for the Fusion Zero saddle
  • Disc brakes and Fusion Zero saddle come standard on the KH24, KH26, KH29 and KH36.


Here's a more detailed summary of changes:

New frames

  • Seatpost tube and horizontal crown are now entirely one-piece forged. 
  • Fork blades have more curvature at the top to eliminate potential knee bashing while enabling frame tricks
  • KH26 and KH29 frames now accept large 3” tires (e.g. Surly Knard) 
  • New raw (unpainted) colour option in the KH20

New Spirit hub

  • Hub body and flanges are entirely forged in one piece
  • No possibility of broken welds or creaking or loosened flanges.
  • Slight weight reduction compared to the Moment hub
  • Flanges are shaped to maximize wheel strength and spoke durability

New T-bar models

  • Straight T-handle model (250 mm length) for installation close to the saddle.
  • Bent T-handle model (400 mm length) for extended handle positions
  • New bar ends: grippier, warmer and more durable

New 127 tpi Surly Knard 3” tire comes standard on the KH26 and KH29

  • Large volume adds suspension and float, increases traction and stability, and reduces the chance of pinch flats
  • Round profile tracks well through corners and off-camber terrain.
  • 26x3” tire size inflates to about the same outer diameter as a standard 27.5” (otherwise known as 650b) tire
  • 29x3” tire adds circumference for higher speed and ease of rolling over bumps.
  • Lightweight at only 980g for the 29” and 875g for the 26” models (127 tpi)

Embossed saddle covers now on all saddles (blue or black colour option) 

Disc brakes and 180 mm rotors come standard on KH24, KH26, KH29, and KH36

  • Deore level Shimano in Europe, and Tektro Auriga Sub outside Europe.
  • Clean and simple brakeline guides fixed to rim brake mounts

Fusion Zero saddle comes standard on KH24, KH26, KH29, and KH36

  • Saddle shape brings modern bike saddle performance to unicycling
  • See the Fusion Zero comfort guide for recommended T-bar handle setups with this saddle.

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