The Spirit hub is forged from a single piece of CrMo material. This results in a beautifully simple, strong and reliable hub.

The centre of the axle tapers slightly giving an hour-glass shape to reduce weight all while maintaining strength. The 36-hole flanges are widely spaced and shaped to maximize wheel strength. Spoke holes are beveled and slightly de-tempered (softened) to minimize spoke breakage. The 42 mm bearings are extremely durable: Evolution of Balance Award Winner Cary Gray rode his loaded KH36 more than 10,000 km before needing a replacement set. Compatible with all ISIS spline cranks.

Together, the Spirit hub and Spirit cranks provide a strong, stiff, and lightweight setup for all types of riding. With Spirit disc brake cranks, this setup provides the high geometric strength of widely spaced flanges in a symmetrical wheel, with no requirement to remove a bearing to install the disc rotor.

Spirit CrMo
Axle: Forged Hour-glass CrMo
Flanges: Forged with axle
36 hole
Axle Bolt: M12
Weight: <580g

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