Kim Il Gun

Nationality Korean
Age 51
Hometown Pyeongtaek
Specialty Trials, Mountain, Distance
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Kim Il Gun is a Korean Mountain, Distance and Trials unicyclist.

Personal Story

I started learning by myself in the summer of 2015
. Before that, I rode MTB for about 6 years. My elbow hurt so much that I couldn't hold the handlebar.  So I became interested in UNICYCLE without a handle. I like mountains and nature so much that I adjusted to the mountains after a month of learning.  The more I rode a unicycle, the more I fell for it. Unlike Bike, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Even now, I ride in the mountains for 1-2 hours every evening after work on weekdays. On weekends, I go further and ride many mountains in Korea.
My dream is to ride all the mountains in our country with Muni. But the number of all the mountains is about 4,440 hahaha…