Stephanie Dietze

Nationality German
Age 32
Hometown Berlin
Specialty Mountain, Freestyle
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Stephanie Dietze is a high level muni rider and adventurer with roots in competitive freestyle unicycling. Stephanie has achieved numerous top 5 and top 10 placements in her category at DH world championships, and has pursued muni adventures and mountain descents in the German and Italian Alps as well as ridden internationally in Japan, New Zealand and Chile. Stephanie brings a spirit of “rocks, roots, trails and camper vans” to the KH team with her exploration of new and challenging trails on her unicycle.

Personal Story

When my best friend in third grade started unicycling in a local club that had just been founded, obviously I had to do it, too. After nine years of pure freestyle riding with numerous national and international titles I tried mountain unicycling at Unicon 12 in Japan 2004. While studying in Austria close to the hills around Vienna, I really got into it and learnt to appreciate the simplicity and honesty of riding outdoors.

Since then I have been taking part and suceeded in international downhill and crosscountry competitions around the globe. However, what I enjoy most is projects and trips into the alpine wilderness, climbing high, remote mountains and decending as much as possible on my unicycle. I was among the first unicyclists to climb and descend 2962m high Zugspitze (the highest mountain in Germany), to cross the Alps on hiking trails, to descend Cima Ombretta Orientale (3011m) in the Dolomites and 3406m-high Mettelhorn in the Alps. I have also dragged my unicycle to remote places such as national parks in Iceland and Patagonia, only to find out, that they are barely rideable.

Through unicycling I have meet wonderful people from all over the world and have seen many beautiful places and countries. Unicycling is a simple and back to basic sport, that is physically challenging, makes you focus completely on one thing and overcome your personal boundaries over and over again. It also is a lot of fun, which is why I have many more adventures planned.

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Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2016 Unicon 18 (Spain) Cyclocross Standard (Age-Group) 1st
2014 Muni Race 2 (Poland) Cross-Country 1st
Downhill 2nd
2014 Unicon 17 (Canada) Uphill (Age-Group) 1st
Cyclocross Unlimited 4th
Cross Country Elite 5th
Downhill Elite 8th
2013 German Muni and Trials Weekend Downhill 2nd
2012 Unicon 16 (Italy) Downhill Expert Age Group 4th
2011 Salzkammergut Trophy Downhill 1st
2010 Salzkammergut Trophy Downhill 1st
2010 Unicon 15 (New Zealand) Uphill Age Group 3rd