Zoé Hebinger

Nationality French
Age 21
Hometown Eguisheim, Alsace
Specialty Trials, Mountain
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Zoe has a competitive spirit matched by an intense desire for muni adventures in the mountains. Beyond personal riding and racing, she also shares her skills as a coach at her home club in Eguisheim, France.

Personal Story

I started unicycling thanks to my coach Alexandre Staub who developed a unicycle workshop after school for children of my village. I hooked up with the activity very quickly when I was 7 years old. Then, my parents offered me my first unicycle for Easter.

I remember very well my first training sessions in front of my house, which consisted of riding as far as possible without the fence and as soon as I fell, I would put a chalk mark on the ground, and try to get past that marking until I could ride properly.

Shortly after, my coach created a club where I was the first to be able to ride unicycle. Thanks to the club, I have been training every week for 13 years now and I have had the chance to do a lot of things. For example, I had the opportunity to go on training camp in the mountains or to cross my local area of Alsace on a unicycle. All of these experiences allowed me to develop a good endurance and technique on the unicycle while having fun with my friends. I would never be grateful enough for all that they have brought me so far! I went on so many epic adventures with them in the mountains, with the only purpose of enjoying, whether the weather was good or bad. 

I have always liked to compete. Because we ride with so many passionate peoples, there is always a great vibe, we can compete with the best and that is what always pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. This is probably what made me progress the most in unicycling. Moreover, riding on different terrain at home, whether it is Downhill, Cross-Country or Trial, I always have to adapt myself to the ground to give my best. During competitions, I am always amazed to see very great unicyclists in any discipline. I like to analyse their techniques or the equipment they use, so I can understand how they manage to achieve such a level. Without forgetting that competition has allowed me to travel a lot, whether it’s near home or on the other side of the world with my friends or my family, such unforgettable memories.

Today, riding my unicycle is always an immense pleasure. It allows me to share this passion and at the same time to train to always exceed myself physically and mentally. For two years now I am sharing my passion for unicycling with the younger members of the club. It is really great to be able to help them in their evolutions, to teach them new techniques or improve what they already know. And then to see how they are doing during the competitions or on other activities. I like to make peoples discover and learn unicycle. And I want to continue to give unicycle lessons all my life so I can see unicycling becoming, one day, a real sport in France or even in the whole world.

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2018 French Championships Cross-Country 1st
2018 UNICON 19 (Korea) Cyclo-Cross 1st
Advanced Downhill 3rd
Trials 5th
2017 French Championships Cross-Country 2nd
2016 UNICON 18 (Spain) Cross-Country 2nd
Cyclo-Cross 1st
2016 French Championships Cross-Country 1st
Marathon 1st
2015 UNIOEC (Italy) Cross-Country 3rd

Photos & Video