The KH36 is a top quality unicycle designed for on and off-road riding over longer distances. The large wheel diameter provides stability at high speeds and the large 203mm disc brake rotor gives secure stopping power. An abundant use of one-piece forged components ensures high strength and durability.

Most of the world's speed records have been established on a geared KH36. This is the unicycle that can truly replace a bike for road riding.

Highlights include

  • One-piece forged, 7005 alloy frame crown and neck for high strength without bulk
  • Slim (93 mm) crown and stiff fork blades
  • KH Boundary Hub and Cranks with Q-Axle micro spline for high strength and stiffness
  • Disc brake with large (203 mm) rotor for increased braking control
  • Fusion One saddle for bike-like saddle performance with a one-piece forged Pivotal seatpost for high strength and easy adjustability
  • Reduced weight Nimbus Nightrider 36 x 2.25 inch tire (UK and worldwide excluding Europe) or Qu-Ax King George tire (Europe)
  • Compatible with KH/Schlumpf geared hub (not included)

This unicycle features a Fusion One saddle, a fundamentally new approach to unicycle saddle design. Correct setup is important! We recommend adding a T-bar handle for most riders (not included). Click here for more information on the saddle and click here for an important setup guide.

Please Note: KH unicycles may have different component specs in different countries. KH36 models shipped to Europe use the Qu-Ax King George tire, and those shipped outside Europe use the Nimbus Nightrider tire. We recommend checking with your local KH supplier to confirm before purchase.

Out of the box this unicycle comes equipped with carefully chosen component choices that balance the needs for the majority of riders.

Assembled Weight TBA including brake
Frame 36 inch 7005 T6 aluminum KH one-piece forged crown. Available in KH Signature Blue. Featuring a horizontal crown width of 93mm, Internal Disc Brake mount (left side) and forged bearing holders. Seatpost neck length is 110mm. Max wheel dimensions: 84mm x 927mm minus clearance
Brake Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake
Brake Rotor 203mm Disc Brake Rotor
Hub KH Boundary. 36 hole. Available with/without disc rotor attachment point. Q-Axle Micro Spline (24mm diameter). 100mm bearing spacing (42mm bearing). Compatible with all ISIS-ready frames
Cranks KH Boundary 127/150 mm Q-axle micro spine (8mm Q-factor). Double hole. (444 g)
Pedals Wellgo clear polycarbonate platform featuring: blue anodized spindle & removable steel pins
Saddle KH Fusion One
Seatpost KH Pivotal one-piece forged. 27.2 x 320mm. Sand blast black
Seatpost Clamp KH Double Bolt
Rim Nimbus Nightrider. 42 mm wide. 36 hole with eyelets & offset spokes
Tire Nimbus Nightrider 36 x 2.25 inch (1900 g). Outside Europe only.
Tire Qu-Ax King George 36 x 2.25 inch (1780 g). Europe only.
Spokes 14g Stainless Steel w/ Brass Nipples. Visit the Spoke Length Calculator to obtain measurements for your wheelset.
General Minimum leg inseam length (ground to crotch, wearing shoes) for KH36: 76 cm
Note: minimum leg length may be reduced by 25+ mm by selecting different components, such as a slimmer saddle model and non-adjustable seatpost (to reduce saddle height), and shorter cranks (to raise the lowest point of the crank rotation). Advanced users may also shorten the frame seatpost tube by up to 25 mm. Note that frame modifications void the KH warranty.

Consider these optional component choices to customize your unicycle for the specific type of riding you want to do ...

  • 110/127 mm or 117/137 mm Boundary cranks for smoother pedalling
  • Starfighter or Spooner brake lever extension for easier use of brake
  • T-bar Touring Handle for all-day riding comfort and control
  • KH-Schlumpf Geared Hub to add a second gear for increased speed both on and off-road
Not all options may be available through all dealers.

Our Commitment

Kris Holm Unicycles prides itself on producing equipment that lasts through years of long rides with minimal maintenance or repairs. Should you have any concerns about the quality of your KHU product please refer to our Warranty Policy or contact us.


Unicycle Assembly Instructions pdf (271 KB)

Assembly instructions for all KH unicycles including the .

Fusion One Comfort Guide pdf (354 KB)

The Fusion One is a performance saddle. Correct setup is very important for comfort! This guide provides tips & suggested handle setups. including the .