Unicycling can be hazardous and can result in injuries. Use common sense, ride within your abilities, and wear safety gear. Tuck in laces and avoid wearing loose clothing that could catch in brakes, pedals or other parts of the unicycle. Disk brake rotors become very hot with use - avoid contact! Kris Holm Unicycles cannot accept responsibility for any personal injury that you might sustain or that you might cause to another person as a result of the use, breakage or improper assembly of Kris Holm Unicycles equipment.


Warning Geared hubs can be dangerous due to the high potential speed and the risk of unplanned dismounts during shifting. Always ride within your limits!

Spirit Cranks with KH/Schlumpf Geared Hub

Warning Riders using a disc brake with KH/Schlumpf hubs do so at their own risk.

The KH/Schlumpf Geared Hub is currently NOT compatible with the External Disc Brake (EDB) standard, due to insufficient clearance between the installed crank and frame. Some riders have chosen to modify their KH equipment to allow for EDB usage. User modifications to KH equipment void the warranty.

Note that Spirit cranks, without the disk brake installed, are still a high performance upgrade for use with the KH/Schlumpf hub.

Percussion Leg Armour & Pulse Gloves

Warning Use of this equipment does not guarantee protection from injury. Always ride within your limits!