Kris Holm Unicycles Ltd. (KHU) respects your privacy. We want to make use of individual identifying information that you provide to us for purposes of serving you better. "Individual identifying information" is information that enables us to identify you, such as your email address, name, title and address. KHU uses the individual identifying information in order to personalize your experience on our web site and also to be able to selectively send you communications that may be of interest to you, either electronically or otherwise. KHU's policy regarding use of your individual identifying information supplied to us or collected via your experience at our online web site covers these areas:

  1. Notice and Disclosure

    This Online Privacy Statement is made available to you in order to make you aware of how KHU collects and uses individual identifying information of visitors to KHU's web site. KHU collects the following information regarding visitors to our website: [domain name, name, information regarding what pages are accessed, information volunteered by you, such as survey information, email address, or site registrations, and your preferred means of communication.] KHU uses such information to contact people for marketing purposes. KHU does not make individual identifying information available to third parties, including business partners, for marketing purposes.

  2. Choice/Consent

    [New registrants to this web site have the choice to opt out of having individual identifying information provided in the registration process used for any purpose unrelated to the purpose for which the information was provided to us. When you sign up for an email list, you will be given instructions at that time on how to remove yourself from that list.] [Access to certain of KHU's web pages require a login and password]. The use of those web pages, and the information or programs downloadable from those sites, may be governed by a written agreement between your employer and KHU. Your individual identifying information may be retained by KHU to verify compliance with the agreement, [log software licenses granted, to track software downloaded from those pages,] or track usage of other applications available on the web site.

Data Security

KHU is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect the individual identifying information that you provide to us.