Alex Anderson

Nationality American
Age 23
Hometown Crescent City, CA
Specialty Trials, Street, Flatland
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Alex is a trials, flatland and street rider who brings creative urban riding and filming skills to the team.

Personal Story

I got my first unicycle when I was about 9 years old. My parents bought it at an auction and specifically thought I would enjoy trying to ride it. Me and my brothers tried it out but only I kept up with it for a few days. It was only in 2010, when I was 13, that I started riding again after seeing a commercial on TV for a sportswear company featuring Dan Heaton, an urban unicyclist from Seattle. The commercial was the catalyst I needed to get inspired and look into the sport. After digging out my unicycle and learning how to ride it again, I starting to watch videos of street, flat and trials unicycling. It sparked my desire to be able to do all the urban disciplines, and I also enjoyed making my own videos.

In 2014 I finally attended my first unicycle competition, NAUCC. It was hosted by Twin Cities Unicycle Club in Minnesota, and I got to meet many of the people I looked up to. The one struggle I have had in the sport is getting to ride with other people. It is probably the best part of the sport, and most certainly the best times of my life. But living in Northern California means I am far away from other urban riders, and have to travel in order to share experiences with other unicyclists. Regardless, I strive to attend events, meet other riders, improve my riding skills, and push the limits of the sport for years to come!

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2017 NAUCC Expert High Jump 1st
Expert Street 2nd
Expert Speed Trials 2nd
Expert Flatland 3rd
Expert Long Jump 3rd
2014 NAUCC Expert High Jump 2nd

Photos & Video