Gerald Rosenkranz

Nationality Austrian
Age 26
Hometown Graz
Specialty Mountain
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Gerald is one of the top downhill racers in the world with a riding style that is unwaveringly flowing, fast and aggressive. With his trademark full-face helmet he brings a DH bike-like riding style to the roughest singletrack, yet won't shy from big climbs either if they bring him to another spectacular place to ride.

Personal Story

One day at Easter there was a unicycle at home that turned out to be a promotion-gift from an airline. I started riding on slightly declining grass because it was the best spot to hold on a fence. When I was able to ride, I immediately tried to go down a curb and I also took the unicycle into the woods. At the same time I was watching crazy youtube videos of Kris Holm's mountain unicycling and someone jumping on a ping-pong table. I told myself that this had to be a fake, unless I could do it on my own. That was the point Unicycling really got me and made me the rider I am today.

Why do you like to ride: It's a combination of having to control my body perfectly, understanding the mountain, reading the track, knowing my gear, amaze people and being part of an extraordinary, worldwide community.

Unicycling has brought me to places in the world that I would have otherwise never seen. It gave me friends I would have never met. It gives me challenges in every way that I love to tackle. It makes me feel very proud when kids look up to me as their role model and it is an overwhelming feeling to push both my own and worldwide boundaries.

When I'm not unicycling, I ride both mountain- and road bikes for the fun, beauty and endurance. In winter I am a ski teacher and I also play ice hockey in a hobby league. A passion of mine is playing the guitar after studying 9 years at an Austrian music academy. I study Sports Science and Media Science at the University of Graz.

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Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2016 Austrian Championships Cross Country 1st
Downhill 1st
2016 UNICON 18 (Spain) Downhill 3rd
2015 Austrian Championships Cross Country 1st
Downhill 3rd
2014 UNICON 17 (Canada) Downhill 3rd
Cross Country 8th
2014 Austrian Championships Downhill 1st
Cross Country 1st
2013 Austrian Championships Downhill 1st
2012 Austrian Championships Cross Country 1st
2012 UNICON 16 (Italy) Uphill (Under 19) 1st
Downhill (Under 19) 2nd
Cross Country (Under 19) 2nd

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